Raw Chocolates

Our Story


My life has been go, go, go from a young age. I believed in working hard and partying hard, even though I ate relatively healthy and did some form of activity, I never took the opportunity to relax or gave myself permission for self-love.

From the age of 30 I started to show signs of becoming unwell. By living this way with no downtime or healing it was clear I was burning the candle at both ends. Then came kids!

After having two kids and still continuing to not slow down, I became chronically ill. Suffering chronic fatigue syndrome, severe virus infections eventually leading to major digestive issues, sleep disorders, anxiety, pain, I was unable to eat solid food and could drink only liquids, I became a ticking time bomb and this was just the beginning of a downward spiral. Being in that constant fight or flight mode it was clear I was never going to improve unless I allowed my mind and body to be healed.

Conventional medicine did not work for me nor did it understand me, so I started looking into healthier alternatives.

That’s when my wellness journey began. 

It took patience, commitment, discipline, belief, along with detoxing a negative mind and learning how to relax a tense body.

 Incorporating Medicinal mushrooms and superfoods in my holistic journey worked wonders for a part of my healing the rest is acceptance, meditation (breathing), self-love and gratitude. Every piece works together like a puzzle.

Nourish the body 

Heal the mind

Awaken the soul

Here I am today wanting to share my story in holistic living and all our quality products for you to nourish, heal, awaken and begin living your best life.

The Raw Love Difference

Made for wellness

Since 2012 Made with Raw Love has been about discovering and using nature’s profound intelligence to make products that aid in healing the way Mother Nature intended.  Our Holistic handmade products are positively infused with vibrational energy that enhances the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  We do not make your average flavours, our unique chosen ingredient combinations have been developed for their healing superpowers and taste.

Naturally sourced

We use only ingredients that are raw, organic, native or wild. Our elixirs and chocolates are made with raw organic cacao, which is hand harvested, fermented and sun-dried to retain its full nutritional and antioxidant qualities.

Kind to the earth

True to our values we only use packaging that creates minimal impact on mother earth and only use harvesting techniques to take only what is needed. 

Our Philosophy

We’re committed to delivering amazing products that symbolize the rich and revered heritage of Cacao from the ancient traditions of Olmec, Aztec and Mayan, while using organic and healthy ingredients that offer energy and vitality. Our raw, handmade products echo the use of a range of ancient superfoods, enhancing the message that Cacao is good for you! At Made with Raw Love, we believe that your health and vigour is genuinely tangled with our connection to the universe.

Our Packaging and Suppliers

Made with Raw Love strongly believe in taking care of the earth. That’s why our packaging is eco-friendly. Our packaging is sourced using sustainable practices and is designed to be biodegradable. We also only choose suppliers with a reputation for supplying ingredients that are sustainably wild-harvested and certified organic. We support suppliers who give back to the local communities, practice sustainable farming, and work together with the community.