Q: What is Holistic Healing?

A: Holistic healing considers the whole person – body, mind, spirit and emotions.

At Made with Raw Love we focus on Holistic living and have created a supportive and magical working environment, where we use only the highest quality ingredients infused with positive energy from singing bowls to bring you products designed to nourish, heal and awaken the whole you!

Q: What is Holistic Nutrition?

A: Nutrition that informs but never restricts, it’s all about sustainable nourishment respecting your body and honouring you as you.

Q: Can I use the elixirs during pregnancy and breast feeding?

A: Even though all our products are safe, we recommend consulting your preferred method of professional advice before taking. 

Q: Are all your products organic?

A: All our products are either certified organic or wild harvested. Wild harvested means produce that has been seasonally harvested from plants that have been grown in the wild, taking the produce in its purest form with minimal impact and no over farming. 

Q: Are you chocolate vegan?

A: Not all our Chocolates are vegan. Bee Intentional and Radiance are not strictly vegan as they contain A grade organic honey. We only use excess honey that the bees naturally produce so that it does not hurt the bees in any way. 

Q: Are your chocolates gluten free and dairy free?

A: Yes, all our products are gluten free and dairy free.

Q: Why are your chocolates expensive?

A: All our products are handmade and contain the A grade quality organic and wild harvested ingredients. We use very generous amounts of superfoods and adaptogens in our chocolates and elixirs as we believe food is thy medicine.

Q: Where do you source your Cacao from?

A: We believe in sourcing only fair trade organic raw A grade cacao from small farm communities in Peru and Ecuador that use sustainable farming techniques and have a minimal impact to the land.

Q: How do you help planet earth?

We care about the future of our planet and do our best to reduce our footprint. All our packaging and inks are biodegradable or ecofriendly where possible. We only take what is needed for ingredients and support sustainable farming methods. Our factory is powered by 100% renewable energy. We minimise waste and maximise recycling. 

Q: Do you offer international shipping?

A: Currently only shipping Australia-wide. Made With Raw Love is actively seeking international distributors so please reach out if this may be of interest. 

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: Yes, to find out more please contact our Wholesale team at sales@madewithrawlove.com

Q: Do you have a wholesale minimum order?

A: Yes, minimum order for wholesale accounts is $200.